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  • Serious respiratory problems are often seen in crack users, including lung damage, chest congestion, wheezing, spitting up black phlegm, extreme hoarseness, and burning of the lips, tongue and throat.
  • While nearly always smoked, there are reports of users injecting crack.
  • Because of its potency and short-lived high, crack is extremely addictive.
  • The most popular method is to smoke the lumps of crack in a two-chambered water pipe.

Toddler possibly ingests uncle's crack cocaine

RACINE -- A 16-year-old boy could face felony drug charges after his 21-month-old nephew possibly ate crack cocaine found in a plastic bag in the suspect's shoe.

According to reports from the Racine Police Department, the incident occurred early Saturday morning.

Officers were called to the emergency room at St. Mary's Medical Center on a report of a toddler possibly ingesting an illegal substance at a home in the 1300 block of St. Patrick Street, after the toddler's grandmother and legal guardian brought him to the hospital.

The woman told officers the suspect had spent the night at her home, sleeping on the couch. The suspect's 17-year-old sister told officers she saw money and a plastic bag -- which police later said contained a substance that tested positive for crack cocaine -- in the suspect's shoe; she then saw the toddler pull the bag out of the shoe, rip it open and possibly eat some of the contents.

The suspect's sister told officers the 16-year-old told her he had found the drugs on the street and they were not his; he told her he felt sorry for what happened, but left the house before officers arrived.

Officers indicated the contents of the plastic bag recovered by paramedics tested positive for 5.1 grams of crack cocaine.

The suspect is in custody. Officers have forwarded the report to the District Attorney's office for possible charges.

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 Toddler possibly ingests uncle's crack cocaine
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